My Story

  My family has always loved good smelling candles, but I always worried that someone in the house would leave and forget to 'blow the candle out'. We also didn't like the soot left behind or the smell after the candle was blown out. Plus, we were left with an empty jar at the end, and concerned with the fact that wax had to go somewhere.  Where exactly was it?  In our walls?  In our lungs? Scentsy to the rescue!  :) We fell in love with the product, especially the QUALITY.  Plus, the wax doesn't dissipate, so we knew exactly where the wax stayed.  I became a consultant right away because I wanted easier access to the product and wanted to share it with others.   I am not the "sales person type", but when you believe in something so strongly, sharing it from the heart ~ it sells itself! Plus there are no unreachable quotas or pressure in being a consultant.  Just lots of Scentsational smells and products, and opportunities to meet great people. I've met some of my best friends and fabulous customers through Scentsy.  Scentsy is truly one big FAMILY!  "What's that wonderful smell?"  With over 90 scents, there's something for everyone!  No time to bake, but your house smells like Coconut Pumpkin Pie!  Smells like the beach in the winter.  YOU can customize your smells any time of the year!  (And it makes a teenage boy's room smell welcoming, which is rare!) ;) It's so much fun to "Party for a living" with Scentsy!  Ask me how you can earn FREE PRODUCT!  Come host a party, join my team, earn extra income and Party with Me! Thank you for visiting my site and please let me know how I can help you say "SNIFF, SNIFF, HOORAY!" :) <!--endbody-->